Junior Golf Programs

at the Dogwood Golf Academy

Our goal is to introduce more juniors to the game of golf while making it fun so they will continue to play and practice. We will cover all basics to where they have a full understanding of the game and how to continue with practice routines.  "Teaching kids to play the game of golf is as rewarding for the teachers, as it is the students.  Together we have fun learning about the game and about ourselves."

We have programs throughout the year designed for juniors of all ages and abilities.  We want to see your kids learn to enjoy the game more and also play better, so in turn your family may spend more time together on the golf course.  Our summer camps are structured around age levels and then broken down to ability levels, allowing for a comfortable learning experience.  The clinics are built around topics of specific aspects of the game and include drills and games.  And of course, we offer individual lessons and family lessons (up to 4 kids in a session).  Whether your son or daughter is a beginner, novice, or trying to make their school team we have the programs, the facilities, and the instructors to teach them.

Dogwood Golf Club
4207 Flint Hill Road
Austell, GA 30106