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Hazards to Avoid at Dogwood

Golfers should always be alert to potential hazards on the course whether they are natural (snakes, lakes, creeks, poison oak, etc.) or man made.

Please be aware of other golfers and their locations prior to hitting your shots. While accidents do happen (errant golf shots, shanks, etc.), there are some places on Dogwood where you should take extra care. These areas include, but are not limited to:

#2 Tee box - It is a blind tee shot with a severe dogleg to the right. Be certain that golfers have sufficiently cleared the fairway. In addition, if you are a long ball hitter and don't quite cut the ball around the corner, you could land in the #9 fairway. You should be aware and take proper precautions to prevent hitting into anyone there as well.

#5 Tee box - Long ball hitters need to be aware of people on the right side past the grove of trees.

#8 Tee box - Trying to drive the green is a blind shot that carries over #3 tee box and possibly the #2 green (if not hit accurately). Due to this hazard and possible danger to other golfers, we will be making the boundary out of bounds ( OB ). This should discourage (to some degree) those trying to "cut the corner." 

#13 Tee box - This is a partially blind tee shot where you need to ensure people have cleared the landing area.

#15 Tee box -  Another blind tee shot where you need to ensure that golfers in front have cleared the landing area.

#18 Fairway - Our course finishes with a blind shot to green. Ensure that people have cleared the green prior to hitting. If you are finishing up on #18 green, move away from the green as soon as possible after replacing the flag.