The "Dog Blog"

Golfers all understand how complicated a 'good swing' can really be. So much to remember and so much more to learn.

But, there is one thing that is globally agreed on — balance. Balance is VITAL to a good swing. Not too much on your heals because you’ll be leaning over the ball too much. Not too much on the toes because you’ll have to compensate on your backswing.

So that you can get the feeling of proper balance, go to the pool supply store, grab a swimming noodle, cut it in half, and use them as support to feel how you should stand at address.

Put the noodle flat side down and stand on so that your arches are on the hump of the noodle. Not too far foward or backward, but just right. This balance is critical so that you don't fall forward during backswing or fall away from the ball as you swing through it.

Sounds crazy right? Try it and you'll see it works.