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Saw this on LinkedIn (Linked:Golfers, #1 Golf Networking Group Online) and just had to share it with you.

Improve Your Lag Putting – Don’t Look at the Ball!

That’s correct I said DON’T look at the ball. Next time you are on the practice green give this a try. 

Go through your normal pre-putt routine of reading the break, taking a few practice strokes, etc. Put the putter down behind the ball and then look directly at your target (the hole for straight putts, left or right of the hole for putts with some break). The first 8-10 putts will feel very awkward and you may hit one or two off center. But you’ll be surprised how looking at your target allows your natural instincts to take control of your stroke and how consistent you can become from longer distances. 

After all if you were going to throw a baseball to someone you would not watch the ball in your hand, you look out to the target where you are throwing.”

There’s a book out there called, "Unconscious Putting" by Dave Stockon and for all of you who are like me – struggling to read a green and trust your stroke - this the best $20 dollars you'll ever spend.