The "Dog Blog"

1.    It’s okay to NOT keep score.
2.    It’s okay to count swings only when you make contact with the ball.
3.    It’s okay to throw the ball out of a bunker after one try.
4.    It’s okay to forget about a ball that may be lost or out of bounds.
5.    It’s okay to pick up in the middle of the hole and just enjoy the outdoors and scenery.
6.    It’s okay to play less than 9 or 18 holes and call it a round of golf.
7.    It’s okay to play golf in your sneakers. Be comfortable!
8.    It’s okay to get enthusiastic! (High fives, fist pumps and big smiles are encouraged)
9.    It’s okay to bring your kids to the course whether they are 5 or 35.
10.    It’s okay to remember friends more than your scores.
11.    It’s okay to play your favorite music on every hole.
12.    It’s okay to TURN OFF your cell phone while on the course.
13.    It’s okay to PLAY GOLF JUST FOR FUN! Play the tees that make you the happiest.

Golf is about having FUN and so is Dogwood!