Welcome To "Secrets of Successful Tournaments."


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Welcome to our new blog postings on the “secrets of the most successful golf outings.” What we will share with you in the next few months are many of the things we have learned from our experience of hosting hundreds of golf events in the last half decade.

We will share with you, from our perspective, what are the things common to the most successful golf outings, what keeps people coming back year after year, and how your event can avoid becoming stagnant and dull.

We will offer suggestions that show one of the easiest ways to maintain player retention for your tournament is to make it fun, memorable, and different from all the others out there.

We hope that you will enjoy this series and thanks for allowing Dogwood to host your event this past year. We look forward to having you back in 2016.

Coming next: 5 Ways to Make Great Memories

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